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“You don’t pretend your birthday was on a different day . you look at the whole life’s experience. Your achievements and a few scars and from some mistakes and things you may have done better.” Mr Morrison has suggested a second national holiday, specifically for recognising the history of Indigenous Australians, but has not proposed an actual night out. ndigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion went significantly as to say no Indigenous person had ever australia day sydney raised the issue of changing the date of Australia Day with him.

This is not something that comes up at all, he told the ABC earlier this month. We have NAIDOC Week, we have Sorry Day, we have Reconciliation Week, we have Mabo Day, and train divide the nation this is how we go down that line. Mr Abbott left no one in doubt as to how he felt this year as he said the arrival with the First Fleet was the greatest thing for Aboriginal people. Web sites poll by The Australia Institute found per cent of respondents didn t mind which day Australia Day was held on, so long as has been a national day of commemoration, while per cent said it shouldn t be on a day that offended Indigenous everyday people.

But, another poll released by the Institute of Public Affairs earlier this month, found per cent of people surveyed wanted to celebrate on January. Parliament would have to approve a new national public holiday though, and it doesn t appear serious enough support for that to happen at this stage. All of this talk about changing the date raises one obvious question what are your options? There are other dates to look to, to celebrate, in order to the coming together with the Australian nation, Professor Damousi said.