Error Message Header Corrupti while opening a Zip Document

Data compression is the best technique to effectively store your data on any storage media in less storage space and transfer data over network. You can compress data easily using compression tools, like WinZip. The application compresses information in Zip file. Get data from a compressed file, you need to simply extract it. However, particular cases, the Zip file cannot be extracted and opened. In such situations, you cannot access data from the file and face critical data loss situations. In order to get your data recovered in these cases, Zip recovery is essential.

For instance, you might run across the below behaviors if you download a Zip file using Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser:The download process appears for completed successfully, however the compression tool, i.e. WinZip shows an empty and empty window.If you try to search the file on hard drive, it can’t be living. The Zip file is not there concerning the disk. When the computer is running MS Windows XP operating system and you utilize Compressed (zipped) Folders option as file compression tool, you experienced the below error message:”The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted.”When

it occurs, the file cannot be extracted and you can not access its contents. To sort out how to zip a file , you really should try to identify the cause of this challenge and repair Zip file by resolving it. Root of the issue:The problem may occur in following scenarios:You click Open this file from its current location or Open in File Download dialog box. Have got not selected the Confirm open after download check box in Windows Exp. As stated in previously mentioned error message, the file is corrupt or unacceptable. WinZip cannot read the file.